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Airborne (150) new
Airborne Specific sites of interest.(id.1)
Armament (170)
Weaponry, All Military Arms, Light and Heavy Weapons from Personal to Nuclear Weapons.. (id.9)
Aviation Aircraft (267) new
Fixed and Rotor Wing Planes, Helicopters, Fighters, Bombers, Transports.. (id.15)
Department of Defense (196)
All Department of Defense (DOD) Specific Sites, Including Defense Contracters.. (id.27)
General Interest Sites (236)
General Websites of Interest, Aviation, Language Translators, Maps, Directories, News Articles.(id.31)
Government (1254) new
White House, Congress, All Government Departments and Agencies around the Globe.... (id.41)
International (1454) new
International, Non-U.S.DoD, Global Military and All Country Fact Books.. (id.83)
Medals Citations (39)
Military Ribbons, Medals, Citations and Recipients, MOH, Purple Heart, CIB, CMB etc. and Regulations. (id.98)
Memorials and Museums (253)
Military Memorials, Museums, POW and MIAs.. (id.99)
Military Bases (340) new
All United States Department of Defence Installations, Forts, Bases and Camps.. (id.101)
Military Branches (2592)
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp, Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard Units.. (id.119)
Recruiting Employment (211) new
All Department of Defence Recruiting... and Prior Service Employment.. (id.212)
Special Forces (179) new
Special Forces, Green Berets.(id.238)
Special Forces Association (59)
Includes All Special Forces Association Chapter Web Sites. Please add any Chapter Site not listed here.(id.239)
Special Operations (53)
160th SOAR, USACAPOC, USASOC, Except Special Forces, SEALS, Rangers, Air Commandos and Force Recon.. (id.256)
Special Operations ASSNs (26)
AAA, ACA, UDT-SEAL, MFA, NSA, STRA, SOA, TLCB, USAFPA, SGI and Khe Sanh Associations.(id.257)
US Air Force Commandos (40) new
Air Force Special Operations, Pararescue, Combat Control, Combat Weather and Suppport.. (id.258)
US Army Rangers (69)
All sites about U.S. Army Rangers, LRS, LRP, LRRPs and Ranger Associations.. (id.259)
US Marine Force Recon (48)
Expeditionary Units(MEU), Marine Force Recon, Marine Raiders and Associations.. (id.260)
US Navy SEALS (83)
US Naval Special Warfare Command and sites about SEALS and BUDS. (id.262)
Veterans (947)
Including Official and Individual.(id.263)
Viet Nam (122) new
All sites about South East Asia (SEA) including the conflict now called a War.. (id.322)
Wars (215) new
Sites about Wars except Viet Nam, IMHO, VN was not a war at the time.. (id.324)
Web Shopping and Commerical (246) new
Military Items, Gear, Special Operations and Robin Moore's Books, Rugs, Coins or Services.. (id.332)

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